An interview with the author:


Question: This is your second book? What type of book is it?


Author: Yes, in fact it is.  Like the first book, it is my recollection of hunts, travels, and especially those shared with others.


Question: What can readers of your first book  expect to find different in this one?


Author: Like the first book, it is a collection of hunts and adventures. There is less wandering and less rambling, compared to my first book.  With the exception of "Mooky's Rules" and a chapter dedicated to Elmer Jantzi. The other 26 chapters are all tales from the turkey woods.  My efforts were to recall more detail, and find ways to add back the depth and emotion that I felt on these trips.


One important bit of feedback I got from my hunting partner Paul Walling: "Your first book, reminded me of so many places and hunts I had been on. There was always something in the stories that I could imagine or relate to.  Your second book does all that but more so, it put me right there with you during the hunt.  The next tree over, sort of speak"


Question: What do you attribute the differences to?


Author:  I began writing for this book even while the first book was first being printed. Like the first book I wrote as I remembered, or was reminded of hunts from years ago. In keeping with being more timely in recording my adventures, I kept current by writing about my travels shortly after the season ended or in many cases while the season was still open.  The side benefit to both projects, was that I began to notice more around me, and pick up on the fine details not directly related to hunting turkey, but certainly part of the experience. Writing while things were fresh in my mind, I believe added much more depth to the stories.


Question: Just what exactly is "Mooky"


Author:  Oh that!!  A nick name given to me years ago, and it just stuck. It is actually a mutation on an old Cheech & Chong skit, where the character was named mooggie. I use "mookyj" a lot for my online screen names


Question: The book like your first, features a lot of photos and illustrations, who are the artist(s)?


Author:  The photos are from those who were there during those great moments, and some I took.  When nobody was around, I would use one of those cheap little tripods, set the camera on the hood of my truck, and have at it with a self timer or remote trigger. There is a list of who took what photos in the back of the book. The illustrations are by Kevin Lothridge and they are a great collection of impressions by Kevin. There will be prints and other art products coming from those illustrations.


Question: How long did it take to the write the book? You did the book design as you did in the first one?


Author:  This book took a little over 5 months of actual effort including the formatting and cover design. Writing took place over an expanse of three years The cover photo is actually another view of our property, and where many of the hunts take place. Microsoft word was used for the inside copy, along with InDesign for the cover design. Corel Photo-Paint & Microsoft Photo Editor was also used for most of the picture formatting.


Question: What can we expect next?


Author:  A new project came up, and one that I am very excited about. A new collaborative effort: co-author a book with new author Paul Walling from Cortland , New York. This will be a very personal book about Paul's time growing up, learning to hunt & fish with his father. Paul has a razor sharp memory of decades worth of stories, and there will be something for everyone to relate to. Having the privilege and the pleasure of hunting with Paul over the last seven years, I look forward to sharing the same stories I got to hear first hand on our hunts. The book is title: "Father & Son, A Life's Journey Together in the Turkey Woods" We are targeting a Christmas 2008 or early 2009 Release.


I have something very special planned for New York turkey hunters and those who have hunted or visit to hunt New York in the past. The project is now a work in progress. A September of 2009 release is the current target.


Question: What offerings will there be, and where can they be purchased?


Author:  The book will be out in trade paperback this October, and will be available in hardcover just before Christmas. I am also looking at a limited leather bound edition for collectors. The first printing for my personal order is 100 copies in paperback, and that will also be done with hardcover version. Each of those will be signed and numbered.  The books will available online thru:,,, and



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