Tales from the Turkey Woods Chapters

New York Double Team Opener

Slammed A PA Gobbler In The Rain!

Fall Double At “J” Ranch

Memorial Day, End Of A Spring Season

Elmer, A Turkey Hunter’s Hunter

Tagged Out In New York

A Morning Swimming With Gobblers!

Gobblin Hen Tags A Fall Longbeard!

Randy And The Farmer

Greenfield Ridge Gobbler

Boss Jake And His Harem

Farm Bird Proves Deadly In New York

Watertown Fall Turkey

Smack The Bully

West Virginia 2007

Pennsylvania Spring Gobbler

The Loudest Day

The Loudest Day: The Sequel

Buck Stop Hunt Club Gobbler # 7

Buck Stop Club Fall Opener

Mooky’s Turkey Woods Rules Of Thumb

Kentucky 22 Hours-2 Down: The Story

Pennsylvania Scrapper (sample chapter)

Lee’s Opening Day Bird

Public Land: Thundering Jake

Gilbert’s Ridge Gobbler

Lee Strikes Twice!!

Vermont 2008

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